The mesh is usually derived from animal skin and is known as acellular dermal matrix (ADM) and tends to become incorporated with health tissue.

The cosmetic outcome of SSM and implant-based reconstruction

This 45 year old woman had left nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using as a fixed volume implant and ADM (SurgiMend) in a single procedure.

This 38 year old health care professional had right skin-spating mastectomy and immediate recontruction using an implant and ADM (SurgiMend) and subsequent recontruction and micropigmentation of nipple (nipple-sharing technique). On the left she underwent left nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using implant and mesh as a sindle procedure (prophylactic)

This 50 year old woman had bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy and implant reconstruction and subsequent radiotherapy to the left breast for bilateral breast caner.


Flap Reconstruction

A portion of the patient’s skin and underlying fat and/or muscle (with blood supply), called a flap, is moved to the mastectomy site in order to build a new breast. Two types of flap are commonly used in breast reconstruction: in the first method, the flap is taken from the back; the second uses a flap taken from the abdomen (tummy tuck). It is also possible to rebuild the breast using a flap from the buttock. The flap choice depends upon the breast size and shape and the woman’s build. The LD flap (from the back) is the simplest and most robust method of flap-based reconstruction. The other flap commonly used is called DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap and allows simultaneous tummy-tuck procedure. However this type of reconstruction takes several hours and can be performed in a selected group of fit patients who have suitable body build for the procedure.

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