This refers to the analysis of certain genes using a sample from the primary tumour or the tumour’s DNA in the peripheral blood in order to predict outcome and help clinicians in selecting systemic therapy.

For example women with early ER positive and Her2 negative breast cancer are tension candidates for genomics the profiling of the primary tumour using tests such as EndoPredict Clinical, Oncotype DX, and Mammaprint in order to decide whether chemotherapy can be safely omitted.

For more and information on genomic profiling from articles written by Professor Mokbel

Patients with metastatic breast cancer that has failed to respond to standard systemic therapy can be selected for genomic profiling of the tumour’s DNA in the peripheral blood (also known as liquid biopsy) in order to identify drugs with potential benefits. OncoSTRAT & Go test is an example.

For more information on liquid biopsy

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